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Career in Sports

Game is no longer just a game. It has become a major industry and business. In the last few years, this sector has shown tremendous growth and diversification. Growing interest of common people in the sport has given rise to several new challenges, such as, successfully organizing big sporting events. This has created the need for various types of experts. Therefore, not only as players, one may be associated with sports by other means also. At present, a number of career options are available in the sports industry. The following are important areas of careers in sports:

Sports Psychology Consultant

Sports Psychology consultant’s main job is to improve players’ performance by giving them encouragement. Moreover, they also assist coaches, players and the entire team. They play a pivotal role in promoting unity and team spirit among players.

Sports Medicine

Injury to players is quite common, and its treatment quite vital. That’s why Sports Medicine is now given special attention and has now become a very popular profession.

Sports Journalism

If one is interested in sports in general and likes to write, then sports journalism could be an excellent career choice. Apart from meeting sports icons, you can also develop better relation with them.

Sports Management

The relationship between sports and entertainment industry is very intense. These days, sports also generate plenty of emotion and drama. Auction of cricketers for IPL and introduction of T-20 events has revolutionized sports management and opened up a completely new avenue for employment. For organizing tournaments or sporting events, services of a sports manager have become a necessity.

Sports Teachers

In order to popularize sports, nearly all schools are hiring sports teachers. Moreover, specialized courses are also being run to prepare such experts. Earlier, there used to be only one sports teacher, but now experts are being sought. So, a future as a sports teacher could be a lucrative option as in the coming years their demand is likely to increase even more.

Sports Marketing

With the strong inter-connection between sports and entertainment, its marketing has also gained momentum. Now players themselves are hiring marketing managers for promoting themselves as well as their brands. Ad companies cannot contact Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni etc. directly. In addition, marketing managers also bear the responsibility of seeking advertisers and ticket sales. Sports goods, and sports wear manufacturing companies also appoint marketing managers.

Celebrity Manager or PRO

If someone has a good track record, good PR skills and ability look after fast moving players in all cities, they should think of making a career in the field of celebrity management. They have to manage the activities of celebrities.

Fitness Experts

Sports personnel are hired as coaches in health clubs and fitness centers. In addition, they can also become sports psychiatrists, sports psychotherapists, officers and stadium managers.