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Having a Career Goal

Why to have a career goal? Does a career goal limit your future?

Many of us spend most of our working hours engaged in work. Yet over 75% or working population is not happy with their current job situation. Here comes the importance of having a Career Goal. A career goal helps you focus on what you want to do for a living. A career goal can be a specific job you want to do – such as doctor, teacher or engineer – or a career goal can be a particular field you want to work in, such as IT, Education etc.

Rather than limiting your future, a career goal may help you discover career opportunities that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. There are several job opportunities with any chosen career. For instance, if you choose a medicine as career, you may want to be a scientist, a nurse or a doctor.

A career goal will also guide you into doing what you want with your life – rather than just drifting into a job. Generally, a career goal in based on your skills and interests, career possibilities, and job trends. Once you have chosen a career, think strategically about the steps to accomplish your goal.

Understanding and accomplishing your career goal will be a lot easier if you also create a career plan. A career plan determines your skills and interests, what career best suits your talents and what skills and training you need for your chosen career.

  • Tips on achieving a Career Goal
    Analyze and evaluate your skills and capabilities
    Whether you’re employed, unemployed, considering a career change, re-entering the job market, or recently graduated, the first step toward reaching your career potential is to objectively analyze and evaluate your skills and capabilities.
    Have a coach or a career counselor objectively assess your natural talents, skills & professional strength

  • Set realistic goals
    Create a career plan that will give you a competitive edge. Be specific. Have it reviewed objectively.

  • Use marketing techniques for a competitive edge
    You need to implement an effective marketing strategy to increase your visibility and give you an edge. Create a career plan to meet your needs.

  • Find long term support, even after your short term career goals are met
    In order to keep growing, stay abreast of market trends and issues related to your career growth and development. Use an objective partner to support you.

  • Use an approach that meets your needs
    Don’t follow guidelines in a book or from a friend if they are not comfortable for you and representative of who you are. Be authentic in designing a plan that really reflects who you are.