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PMM Objectives of the society

  1. To give scholarships and to provide books freely to the deserving poor students.
  2. To promote adult and women education.
  3. To run free Library.
  4. To conduct free SSC guidance classes for the benefit for  poor students.
  5. To offer vocational guidance.
  6. To conduct Telugu classes for the benefit of non-Telugu speaking people.

Social and Cultural

  1. To conduct essay, elocution and sports competitions for students and members of the ‘Mandali’ to recognisation and to encourage their merits by awarding suitable prizes in cash and kind.
  2. To hold periodical debates among the members on various subjects with a view to develop their power of creation to enable them to express their views in public.
  3. To screen films and stage various entertainment programs.
  4. To publish a magazine every year with a view to encourage the art of writing among the members.
  5. To encourage fine arts and artistic talents by staging various plays.
  6. To arrange excursions with a view to get enjoyment and entertainment at a common place.
  7. To settle the dispute judiciously and encourage amity in the community.
  8. To work for the removal or the abolition of the evils like orthodox conservative superstitious beliefs untouchability, dowry system illiteracy social economic backwardness and the like.